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How to Balance School and Pageant Duties

When you are crowned the new titleholder of your organization, your year of reign is filled with glamour, memories, and an overwhelmingly full calendar. When they say that becoming a titleholder is a full-time job, it is no exaggeration. From appearances, to photoshoots, to preparing for the national or international competition depending on your pageant, it is normal for titleholders to begin to feel stressed. In addition to a crazy pageant schedule, titleholders that are also students may feel like their obligations may be next to impossible to accomplish.

If everything we have described sounds a lot like your current situation, breathe, queen. We have put together some tips to help you balance school and pageant duties without missing a beat.

Tips for Managing School and Pageant Duties

Getting through school is no easy task, and neither is being a pageant queen. Both the job of a student and a titleholder require a person to give it their all in order to be successful. So, how is someone supposed to manage it all? These tips will not only help you manage your duties as a pageant titleholder and student, they will help you succeed beyond what you thought was possible.

1. Set Your Priorities

Pageant queens tend to be overachievers, and that is great! Afterall, a woman who is an overachiever is often someone who is actively working to be a well-rounded version of themselves. While it is great to strive to achieve at your highest level, your priorities need to be straight. As a student, school should always be a top priority, especially if you hold a title for an organization that is scholarship based. Whether you are pursuing your highschool diploma, studying for SAT’s, or getting your Bachelor’s degree, your education should come first as it is the gateway to your future.

As a titleholder, decide at the beginning of your reign what duties will take priority. Think of what you want your legacy as the titleholder to be and use that as a guide when deciding this.

2. Say “No” Sometimes

We all wish we could be in a million places at once, but that is just not the case. Unfortunately, we have to say “no” sometimes to not over exert ourselves. If you have an important test coming up, maybe you skip the parade you were asked to participate in to study. If you got asked to join the debate team at school but have a lot of appearances you have already committed to on the same days the debate team meets, maybe you sit out for this semester.

3. Keep a Planner

Planners are a lifesaver for pageant titleholders. They allow you to visually plan out all of your school and pageant duties for months in advance. Keeping a planner on deck allows you keep your mind clear and focus on how to conquer the day!

Kick Start Your Pageant Journey With Our Help

Whether you are new to pageants or a seasoned veteran looking for a few tips, Beauty Queens Galore is the pageant resource hub providing the pageant community with everything from tips on how to balance school and pageant life, to finding the winning evening gown look for your next pageant. We are so excited to be a part of your journey as we work to educate and uplift future and current queens.

Cover page: Headshot of Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA - Yvonne Burk

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