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How to find what three things best describe you

In pageantry, we often prepare for the “hard” questions in interview and onstage question competitions. These questions may range from current events, politics, or hot-button topics. While you can practice these types of questions till you are blue in the face, the questions that tend to stump contestants the most, are those that seem to be the easiest. One of those seemingly “easy” questions is the oh-so-popular, “Describe yourself to us in three words.”

While the judges may not ask this exact question, it is almost a guarantee that you will get some variation of this question during your interview. In order to ensure you do not get stumped on the easy stuff, these tips will help you identify what three things are the best points to describe you and bring up in your interview to help guide the judges to ask follow up questions that will allow you to guide your own interview.

Identifying the 3 Best Things That Describe You

Of course, we know that there are much more than three descriptive words that make up the incredible queen that you are. However, in a pageant, time is of the essence so it is essential that you know what your top three are when speaking with the judges. But…why is it so hard to come up with those three things?

To identify your three things that describe you, we will start with the who, the where, and the why.


When you think of what makes you you, what comes to mind? When you think of what makes you perfect for the job of Miss ____ what about you fits that bill? Consider these questions and I recommend writing out your thoughts as you really take time to describe the person you see in the mirror each day. Be sure to think deeply about this, the judges want to know more than the fact that you are originally from a small town or are a graduate from ____ University.


Where do you see yourself five years from now? What are your goals and dreams for the future in pageantry and in life? It is important to have a clear vision for your future because a woman who is forward thinking is a woman who is confident in who she is today. Knowing where you want to go will give you a clear idea of where you are at know in life which will help you decipher what three things best describe the person you are when standing in front of the judges in interview.


Why have you entered this passion? Whether the reason has to do with your platform, a childhood dream, or some other mission, it is important you know your why. Your why should always be a key component of the three best things to describe who you are to the judges. In many ways this is because our “why” can often be compared to the mission statement of our lives.

After going through the who, where and why, choose three things that you feel are most important that the judges learn about you and will help you control your interview. To get more advice for your next pageant, check back for weekly blogs covering pageant tips, lifestyle, fashion, and being a boss!

Cover photo: Callie Rice Miss Collegiate America 2019

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