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Pageant Sponsor Letter Template

For many reasons, pageantry is a big investment. However, the financial investment is typically the most off-putting factor of competing in a pageant for potential contestants. Listen, we get it. Pageants are expensive to put it lightly and the idea of paying an entree fee, buying a stage-worthy gown, and paying for professional headshots can be a lot for most people. While you may be crunching the numbers and thinking, “There is no way I can afford this”, do not give up just yet. Even though your total pageant budget may look scary, if you are a business-savvy queen, there are ways that every pageant enthusiast can compete for their dream title without breaking the bank.

Being a cost-effective queen means using your networking and marketing skills to gain businesses and private sponsors that will support you in your pageant endeavors by providing you with financial support. A sponsor may be a local business, a family member or friend, or even a corporation. These sponsors may choose to simply write you a check for an amount of their choosing to help you pay off any fees or expenses or, depending on the business, they may provide you with a service like free manicures or hair extensions to help you prepare for the pageant.

While it may be easy to identify the businesses or individuals who you feel may be willing to sponsor you, actually securing a sponsor is a different story. In order to help you girl-boss your way to the stage by gaining as many sponsors as possible, we have provided a free Pageant Sponsor Letter template to help get you started!

Dear Business or Sponsor Name,

I am honored to announce that I am competing for the title of ___ under the Miss ____ Organization. The competition will be held on ___ __, ____ at _____. This organization is important to me because (give a few fun facts about the organization or why you have decided to compete).

As a contestant, I have the opportunity to advocate for (your platform) and serve as a role model within my community. In order to pursue my goal of making it to the Miss ____ stage, I am asking for sponsorship to help me meet the financial obligations needed to compete. I am seeking assistance to (insert specific budget-related requests).

I humbly ask for your consideration to support me in my journey to be crowned Miss ____. I anticipate my total expenses to be about ____ and any amount you choose to donate will be greatly appreciated. Aside from helping me reach my personal goal, if you decide to become a sponsor, the amount you donate will be tax deductible and I am happy to provide you with the necessary documentation. Additionally, I would love to promote (sponsor or their business) in exchange for your support by doing (social media posts, attending events, featuring in pageant ads, etc.). If I happen to raise more money than necessary, additional proceeds will be (donated/returned to the provider). Thank you for your consideration and support as I embark on this endeavor.


Your Name

Local Title if applicable

We hope that this helps you reach all of your pageant fundraising goals like the savvy queen that you are!


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