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How to Win a Pageant

Pageantry is a unique opportunity for contestants to grow into the most well-rounded version of themselves. Personally, I like to remind contestants that you can win a pageant without even winning the crown itself by gaining valuable life skills, new friendships, and memories that will last a lifetime.

If you are looking for a foolproof formula to help guide you in the right direction of winning your next pageant, the following tips will help build your pageant toolbox and leave you as prepared as possible to step in front of the judges!

Build Your Dream Team

If you have ever heard the term “it takes a village” when referring to a big accomplishment, that phrase is no exaggeration when it comes to winning a pageant. While it would be nice to already have all the qualities and tools needed to win the next pageant, there is nothing wrong with needing a little help. The following individuals are the fairy godmothers and fathers of your pageant journey and will help you design your “brand” as you go for the crown:

  • Pageant coach

  • Hair and makeup artist(s)

  • Pageant stylist

Know Who You Are and What Your Goals Are

Many contestants make the mistake of comparing themselves to other competitors or past titleholders. Competing in pageants is all about self growth and that cannot be accomplished if you spend the entire journey trying to look or act like someone else. An experienced judge will see through that phoniness so it is crucial you have a clear understanding of who you are and what goals you hope to accomplish throughout your pageant journey.

Do Your Research

When you compete for a pageant you are essentially competing for the job of being the face of an organization for the next year. You would never walk into a job interview unprepared, not knowing what they are looking for in the candidate who will fill the role. Before You get to check-in, you should know what qualities your pageant is looking for in their new titleholder and what you bring to the table.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

You can never be too prepared for a pageant. Practicing all phases of the competition as if you were competing on the stage will allow you to visualize how you will feel when the competition is actually happening. If you are a first time contestant, do not rely on beginner's luck! Practice really will make perfect and allow you to put your best foot forward in each phase of competition in front of the judges.

Have a Networking Plan

At the end of the day, most pageants need to operate as a business in order to continue to provide opportunities for the women who compete. So, it is crucial that each year the reigning queen does her part to network to keep contestants coming back, new contestants signing up, and sponsors supporting the organization.

Know Your Plan for After You Win

A contestant who is prepared to win the crown will already have a plan to action once they win. Whether you want your year to be focused on growing the brand of the organization, working with your cause or nonprofit, or visiting other local or state pageants within your system, make sure you and the judges are aware of what that plan is.

For more tips like how to win your next pageant, be sure to check back for all of our latest pageant-related tips!

Photo: Heather Orawsky

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