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How to Stay Up To Date on Current Events

Pageantry provides contestants with tons of incredible benefits. From public speaking skills to travel opportunities, being a pageant queen will help you become the most well-rounded version of yourself. One of the most beneficial aspects of competing in pageants is the interview process. From panel-style interviews, round-robin, and onstage questions when you compete in a pageant there is no doubt that you will sharpen your interview skills and be ready to take on whatever interview challenges you may face in day-to-day life.

When preparing for your pageant interview, one aspect that is almost always sure to come up during this phase of the competition is the likelihood of being asked about current events. Current events may involve world events, politics, or hot topics in society and pop culture. Being up on current events is crucial to ensuring that you can walk into your interview as a prepared and confident queen!

Tips to Stay Up to Date on Current Events

While a pageant interview is not a pop quiz, it is important to be well-rounded and educated on matters occurring in the world news and society. The reason that this is an important aspect of pageantry is not to see which contestant can memorize the most current events, but rather to ensure that when a titleholder goes to an event, they should be able to handle any questions that come their way. The following tips will help you stay up to date on current events and prepare for your next pageant interview:

  • Put on the news in the morning while you get ready or have your morning coffee

  • Read the newspaper

  • Sign up for a current events update service like Daily Skimm

  • Stay educated on major world events that are occurring in conjunction with the date of your pageant

  • Have friends and family ask you interview-style questions about different current events

By using these tips, you will be prepared to answer any current events question thrown your way! For more tips involving pageant interview and prep, stay tuned to the Beauty Queens Galore blog.

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