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How to Prepare for Onstage Question

Ah, onstage question. The one part of the competition that most contestants can agree on is the most anxiety inducing. Let’s face it, none of us want to end up as a viral youtube video, if you know you know. So, how can you avoid becoming a viral meme, eliminate your anxiety, and conquer onstage questions at your next pageant? Keep reading for our tips and tricks to make onstage question your new favorite part of the competition!

Tips for Conquering Onstage Question

One of the most important qualities a titleholder should have is the ability to be a poised and confident speaker. That is why it is important to slay during private interview and onstage question. The judges will be looking for a contestant who can deliver a confident answer while still stating their opinion and being relatable. The following tips will help you prepare for onstage question at your next pageant:

Stay on Top of Current Events

Many pageants ask current event questions during onstage question to see how quickly a contestant can think on their toes and provide an answer that states their opinion in a thoughtful way. A great way to keep up with current events is to turn on the news while you get ready each morning or to sign up for a news subscription service like the Daily Skimm.

Know Your Platform

When choosing a platform, a cause or nonprofit organization you will champion during your reign, make sure it is something that you are truly passionate about. All too often contestants choose a platform that they think the judges or the organization will like and know nothing in depth about the cause. Make sure you know everything there is to know about your platform so that if an opportunity to speak about it onstage comes up, you can really impress the judges.

Practice Public Speaking Skills

Public speaking is one of the most common fears amongst people. While speaking in front of a large crowd may be scary, it is an important skill for a titleholder to have as many appearances involve speaking engagements. Do not let the first time you speak in front of a group of people be at the pageant. Practice speaking in front of groups of friends or family and be sure to project your voice in an even, confident tone.

Listen to the Entire Question

It is so important that you listen to the entire question before formulating your answer. If you listen to the whole question and still do not understand it, you can always ask the emcee to repeat the question.

Do Not Reply RIght Away

When you are on stage, your adrenaline will be pumping and it will be easy to jump into an answer immediately. Instead, practice giving yourself a breath to think. After the emcee finishes reading the question, take a beat, smile, and then begin your answer once you have allowed yourself to absorb the question.

Onstage question doesn’t have to be as scary as it seems. With lots of practice, positive affirmations, and a belief that you can answer with confidence, there is no doubt in our minds that you will conquer the onstage question portion at your next pageant!

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