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How to Find a Pageant Platform

One of the best parts of pageantry is the idea of a platform. A platform is the cause or nonprofit organization that a contestant advocates for and will bring with them as a part of their reign if chosen as the new titleholder. Having a platform gives contestants the chance to branch out beyond the glitz and glamour of this world and become a true role model by giving back to their communities and using their voice to bring light to a topic they are passionate about.

While some contestants come into their pageant already knowing what they will be advocating for as their personal platform, that is not the case for everyone. I like to compare the question of “What will my platform be?” to “What will I major in at college?”, while it is a simple thought for some, others take a few trials and errors to find the perfect fit!

To help you avoid the trial and error phase of finding your perfect pageant platform, we have put together a guide that we think will help you identify the cause or nonprofit that will combine your personal passions and allow you to truly make a difference!

What is a Problem That You Would Like to See Fixed?

You may read that question and think, “Have you looked around?”, because of course there are many issues going on in our world and society. However, think of a problem that has pulled at your heart strings and made you feel a little fiery when thinking about how to solve it. Maybe you are an animal lover and are tired of seeing so many stray animals looking for a little kindness in the streets, or maybe you have known one-to-many friends who have experimented with illegal drugs and have fallen victim to the drug epidemic. Whatever issue in today’s world speaks to you, it is worth exploring as a potential platform topic. Remember, you should not choose an issue that you think the pageant organization or judges will like, your platform should be a topic that you would advocate for even if you were never going to do a pageant in your life.

Use Community Resources

Once you have identified an issue you would like to do your part to solve, check if their are any organizations in your community that align with this issue. For example, if you have decided to advocate for animals in shelters, contact your local animal shelter to see if you can sign up to volunteer. Being involved in your community will help you learn more about your platform issue while also making a difference in your community. It’s a win win!

How Can You Use Your Skills to Promote Your Platform?

Finding a creative and fun way to promote your platform is key to increasing awareness of the issue you are advocating for. Consider what your own skill set is and create a plan for how you will increase awareness. If you are great at marketing, consider making educational TikToks about your platform. If you love networking and planning events, put together a gala to raise money for the cause you are advocating for! There are so many ways to promote a platform, so think outside of the box and you are sure to make a difference with whatever issue you are passionate about.

Figuring out your pageant platform and how you will advocate for it is only half the battle when competing in a pageant. To keep up with our tips for preparing for your next pageant be sure to check back each week for new blogs!

photo: Miss Elementary America 2021

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