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What to Pack for Your First Pageant?

So, you have entered your first pageant! First, congratulations and welcome to the glittering world of pageantry. You have an exciting journey ahead that will be filled with self-growth, friendship, and some of the most killer fashion you have ever seen. While preparing for your first pageant is sure to be exciting, no one would blame you if you are feeling a little overwhelmed.

The first pageant is always the most fun, but it can easily become stressful when you are unsure of what to expect. To ensure that everything goes smoothly from the moment you check in for your pageant orientation, you need to be prepared. The best way to be prepared for your first pageant is to start with your suitcase! The following is a checklist of everything that is essential for a first-time pageant contestant to pack for their competition. Before your first pageant, go through and make sure you have everything you will need to shine!

The Essentials Packing List for Your First Pageant

Get out your suitcase and all those garment bags, it is time to pack for one of the most exciting experiences of your life: your first pageant!

  • Competition Wear: Depending on what areas of competition your pageant participates in, this may include an interview outfit, evening gown, a swim suit or active wear, fun fashion, a talent outfit, or a casual wear outfit.

  • Jewelry: All jewelry you plan to wear throughout the weekend, plus a few backups, should be packed. A tip to stay organized and make your life easier is to place jewelry in zip locks and label each bag with the competition or event you plan to wear it for during the pageant.

  • Shoes: Of course you will want to bring your competition shoes, but do not forget to bring some comfortable shoes for downtime. You can thank us later, but there is nothing better than having a warm pair of slippers to hang out backstage.

  • Cosmetics: Even if you have a hair and makeup artist who will assist you during the competition, it is recommended that you still bring all of your own makeup and hair products incase of an emergency.

  • Sewing Kit: From a torn hem to a button that has come loose, a portable sewing kit can be a lifesaver backstage.

  • Bobby Pins: Contestants should always have a few bobby pins to tame any unruly hairs that hairspray cannot fix.

  • A Robe: Backstage can get cold so having a cozy robe to hang out in when you are between competitions can make all the difference!

  • Fashion Tape: Fashion tape can be the difference between a beautiful debut to the pageant stage or a wardrobe malfunction.

  • Cute Casual Outfits: If your pageant is more than one day long, you should have some cute casual outfits to wear around the pageant venue for any non competition events such as check-in or a dinner with all the contestants.

  • Snacks: The idea that pageant girls should not eat is a myth! Please ladies, keep your bodies energized throughout the pageant and pack yourself some tasty and nutritious snacks. Bring tons of water as well!

To continue getting tips and tricks on how to conquer the pageant world, stay tuned for our weekly blogs covering everything from finding the perfect pageant to choosing your winning dress!

Cover page : USA National Junior Teen and USA National Miss 2021 wearing Sunglass L.A.

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