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What are elemental titles?

Miss Earth USA is the preliminary competition to the International pageant Miss Earth.

You may have seen queens with the title of Miss Earth, Air, Water, Fire, or Eco. But what exactly does this mean? To break it down, each top five finalists in either Miss Earth USA or Miss Earth will receive a title and serve as an ambassador to the organization.

Each elemental title (Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Eco) has power, importance, leadership, and meaning. Just as on the international level, each element represents all aspects of the environment that needs attention. With these titles, the top 5 delegates can work together, bring awareness, and fight for change no matter where they are in the world.

The winner of the ultimate title as Miss Earth USA will dedicate the next year of her life to protecting our environment and of course, go on to compete on the International level for the title of Miss Earth.

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You could be the next Miss Earth USA. Applications for the next class are open!

Earth - Winner

Air - 1st runner up

Water - 2nd runner up

Fire - 3rd runner up

Eco - 4th runner up

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