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How Important is My Social Media as a Pageant Contestant?

If you watched the most recent edition of Miss USA and Miss Teen USA, you may already know this answer. Arguably the “Super Bowl” of American pageantry, the Miss and Teen USA pageant has recently put a lot of stake into contestants' social media accounts, and they are not hiding either. During the show contestants were referred to as “influencers” throughout and even asked questions about how they will use their status as an influencer to promote the brand of the organization.

This theme is not unique to Miss USA. Social media has been bubbling up as almost another category of competition for the past few years. So, if you are competing in a pageant it is time to scroll through your home pages and make sure that the way you are branding yourself online aligns with the mission of the pageant you are competing in.

Why Does My Social Media Matter in a Pageant?

The rise of social media in society has opened our lives up to the inspection of anyone who follows us. While what you had for dinner last night used to be something only worth sharing in casual conversation with friends, it is now often common knowledge for the hundred, or thousands, or Instagram followers checking your story each night. With so much of our lives being available for the world to see, the presence a contestant has online comes into play when deciding how well they fit the brand of the pageant.

For example, if a contestant is competing for Miss America, a competition known to be more conservative, it would be unwise to crown a contestant who posts frequent photos or videos of them out partying or using foul language. In general, it is a good rule of thumb to create posts that you would be comfortable showing to your grandmother. Aside from the idea that a contestants social media brand should align with that of the pageant organization, the following are other reasons why proper social media management is crucial when competing in pageants:

  • When a contestant has a strong social media presence, they are able to promote the organization and their mission to a wider audience

  • Many influencers are paid high rates once they begin to monetize their posts, this is an opportunity for pageants to bring in extra revenue and increase sponsorships for future titleholders

  • Social media often gives fans a “behind-the-scenes” look at what goes on in titleholder’s daily lives, making them more endearing and generating more excitement and support for the reigning queen and the organization as a whole

  • Becoming skilled at social media is a skill that can benefit contestants long after they hang up their crown and hells. Just look at contestants on shows like The Bachelor, when you are able to monetize your social media and build your following you can turn it into a fulfilling life-long career

If you are competing in a pageant and need help polishing your social media and building your brand, be sure to check back with our website and blog with more tips and resources. For an opportunity to work with some of the best social media and marketing experts in the pageant industry, be sure to check out the Power of Pageantry Workshop here!

Image from Insider of Elle Smith, Miss USA 2021 of Kentucky

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